Andrew Prylam

Belarus // Minsk



Andrew Prylam-Trance music is such a magical world in which you want to live forever. It's an undescribed feeling, you just unsettle and you dissolve…
Trance is a music that makes you discover yourself and animate. It pushes you forward, not standing in place. It makes you go further anyway…
Go away from all conversations and outrees… Right to heaven… And here you are, go and realize… This Trance is your whole life!!!
Andrei Prylazhinski-a.k.a. Andrew Prylam, comes from Belarus. His DJa career began in 2010 years and his favorite music style is Trance.
His passion for dance music appeared in 2010, when he discovered House music. He later attended a DDJ course, which completely changed his life.
The first "official" Mix Andrei was recorded at the end of 2011 year. Then he started writing songs.
When he first appeared in the club, he heard Trance music, everything changed and thought he had found what he needed.
Andrei was a resident artist at several stations, both domestic and foreign. He has recorded on several labels: TranceRegion Records (2013), Free Acces[Exia Recordings]s (2015).
What can you see for the future? -To give people great music and good mood.



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