DJ BastiQ

Netherlands // Utrechtse Heuvelrug



Bastiaan is a very young, very capable, already doing career as a DJ BastiQ. He wrote a song for KPN and played for thousands of people. And what does a young, capable to play at trance festivals? It just organizes them!

"I was busy ever since I finished 9 years," says Bastiaan. "When I was very young, I received a simple drum kit from my parents. Soon I wanted more. Then I stumbled across DJS. I saw Armina van Buuren's performances, and I thought it was cool. Then I got a set and I went to classes at the DJ school in Amersfoort. "

At the DJ School, Bastiaan learned the skills that are important to DJS, such as matching bits. "It's good to know the programs and discover what you can do with them. Booting turned out a little tricky, but now I have a good grip and I really finish the song. "

For example, Bastiaan wrote the Shorttrack path to the KPN WK shortcut. "For the first time they had a number that wasn't that good," he laubable. "They already knew me and asked me to do a new song. It became more EDM instead of trance, which

I usually do. I usually start with a fall and continue the melody. You build a number around it.

Making his works live seems to be a challenge. "Because I'm still young, it's hard to end up on trance scenes. That's why I organise the festival myself. It was held on 22 June in Bergse Bossen. A really huge feat greatly appreciated by everyone, the guests were even a DJ from Spain! "


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