Dj Goro

Polska //



Music interests for years 90, DJ for over 15 years, preferred music style, Classic Trance Hard Trance, their sets and mixes are published on the largest music forums in Poland and in the world. Manufacturer of Hardbass Champion mixes which among lovers of the species Hands Up are successful. He has his DJ studio (DJG Rec.) on which he creates his mixes and sets. His favorite artists include m.in. Kai Tracid, Scot Project, Derb aka Hennes & Cold, Mauro Picotto, Talla 2XLC, Taucher.

He has played various events in clubs such as Discoplex A4 (Pietna), Mega Klub (Katowice), Club Grant (Jankowice), Club Galaxka (Laski), Metro Club (Opole), Hammersmith (Ruda Śl) and many smaller clubs.

We invite you to his fanpage and to follow his latest sets.


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