Michael B DJ

Italy // Padua



Michael B was born on December 15, 1987, and is an Italian DJ, producer and mixer.
In 2005, he concentrated his studies on becoming a DJ and discovered that he strives for a constant passion for perfecting his style, which results in the first taste of success as an artist. Michael then played his first concert, whose popularity caused a sharp increase in demand for his skills as a DJ, bringing requests, events and bookings. These experiences have introduced Michael B to the world of electronic music.
After 7 years of work in the studio, Michael's charts have grown steadily and released the first samples on the Internet. This project allowed him to broaden his range of work, providing an available channel for his increasingly popular signature style. With its work directory, which is now much larger, it has shared its music on many websites, including YouTube, SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Thanks to these platforms and the power of Slipper, in less than one year his fan grew to more than 2400.
With the rise of the fan base he asked him to cooperate with other musicians and bands. One of the most important projects was the cooperation with VM Ventor, the Greek EDM manufacturer. Thanks To the cooperation of VM Ventor and the support of the Greek record label Alveda Music, Michael B released his first EP: "Addicted To Bass". For the first time, Michael B's music was released digitally and available in stores around the world.
In 2013 the year with the release of "You Are The DJ of Your Life" gained recognition and was reported to the national competition "Emerging Contest 2013", where after receiving 122 votes was declared a winner. The song was released with the record label DEM Digital and featured songs such as "People Dance Parade", which were distributed not only in digital format around the world, but also on CDS.
Since then, the success was continued at Flybeat Dance Records, which resulted in the release of the following singles.
In 2014, Michael B became a partner of the Italian label Doubleinc Rec, and with this label he released his second EP: "You'll Never have Me." At the same time he won the contest "B&M Project Remix". This important success allowed Michael to sign a permanent contract with the Italian record label Europe Dance Records.
In addition to working on production, Michael B spits time working on DJ mixes, and his album "Sensual Desire" makes Mixcloud all over the world the most listened to, and the podcast reaches the 15th place on the Progressive House list.
Today, thanks to record labels and distribution services, Michael B's music is distributed in 241 countries around the world and is available in 117 music stores around the world. Michael has collaborated with various artists from different parts of the world, in particular with Hannah Hones, Vm Ventor, Rivlex, Fpimp, K. I. D Beats and Rubik0n aka Emma Webb.
Michael also collaborated with graphic designers, designed by Pope and Zero, to create graphics for their publications.


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