Victor Special

Ukraine // Lvov,



Victor (Special) Shapovalov is a Ukrainian DJ, musician and producer with over 35 years of experience in the club industry. He began his career in 1984. Veteran DJ in Ukraine was at the forefront of national clabings in the mid-80 years. and early 90 years.
One of the first major Polish Radio One radio stations. Resident Radio Tempo Radio, Trance World FM, Trance Radio UK, Trance Radio France, DI FM, Radio Trance Athene, 109 FM, Trance Fusion FM, Mix FM, where he broadcast his radio program Motion of the Planet for several years. Frequent guest in one of the world's best radio broadcast radio programs (US) and Pure FM. A resident of many foreign and national brands. He has in his artistic achievements more than 150 releases, many of which were supported by the best artists of the world.
In 2016, he was placed under the heading "Persona" of the musical release of Muz-Flame Magazine. Grand prize winner of the WNLA Anthem Competition 2015. It occupies the first place in the TOP 100 Promo DJ, as a DJ and musician working in the style of Uplifting Trance.
The work often goes to hundreds of best trance tracks for the American version of the portal I DJ, DJ Tunes TOP 100 and others. A member of many festivals, outdoor events and other club events. During his long musical life-dozens of clubs in different countries and for 11 years-a resident of the Abordage Club & Pub. It works with many producers and DJS from Ukraine, Europe, Canada and the United States, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic countries, resulting in-many collaborative projects and TEAM collaboration.
Not a full list of people who have supported the work in their radio programs, podcasts, live sets, is not the last of the people of the world of DJingu:
Supports: Paul Oakenfold, DJ Feel, Aly & Fila, Three Drives, Roger Shah, Pedro Del Mar, Joe Cormack, Meno de Jong, Ori Uplift, Suzi Solar, Nick Turner, Madwave, Lazarus, Three Drives, Robert Vadney, Amadeus, Bruce Callen, Milosh K, DJ Xquizit, 2sher, W! SS, Karim Farouk, Steve Anderson, Chris Ward, Paul Gibson, Frederyck Le Grandoix, Robert Gitelman, Twinwaves, Mohamed Mebarki, Addliss, Shadowfall, Samy Barton, Bart K, Yossi Guetta, Xendzov, Ricardo Sada, 1 Touch, Luis Kiverling, Alfio Guerini, Franco Bianco, Garry Ganavo, Solarsoul, Anna Lee and many others…


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