Psychedelic trance

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Psychedelic trance (more often psytrance) is a subgenre of trance music, formed in the early years 90.


Psychedelic trance is derived from electronic music of the 1980s then expandable by many influences and Oriental Goa music originating from a province located on the Arabian Sea of the same name. A massive beach event was organized in Goa.

Thanks to the mass influflow of tourists to the beaches of Goa, the music moved to other countries and also evolved, hooking on ethnic influences (Indian bells, bongos, mantras, etc.). You can distinguish many psychedelic trance currents relevant to the regions of the uprising. In England, trance is more melodic, and intricate musical arrangements (Hallucinogen – "LSD", Man With No Name – "Teleport"). In Israel, trance is simpler, but more experimental (Astral Projection – "People Can Fly", "Mahadeva", MFG – "When We Dream").


The music is characterized by the most uniform bit of ripped 4×4 (although the artists do not differ from the inleting of broken bits-so-called. Breaktrance), interspersed with acitary Riffes often generated on Roland machines (among others TB-303), which gives the music sour, fatty and aggressive sound. The music is rich in intertwining sounds of seemingly unrelated links, and constituting one whole. Manufacturers use a multitude of effects echoes, Przerudu and chorus which gives the music a very spatial overtone.

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