Angelica S-Arjan (Original Mix)

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Angelica S

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We proudly present new productions from the co-owner and artistic director Angeliki S. "Arjan". This song was created specifically to express the deep feelings of Angeliki to Arjan through music. Original Mix is a beautifully uplifting production with a very emotional melody. Dominant bass lines and rhythmic elements are combined with many melodic riffes that lead to a beautiful epic elevation filled with stunning sounds of bells and percussion. Mainly synthesizers, bring in a wonderful, full and culmination, which makes this track is a pure oldschooling, a spirit-raising trance bomb. The remix was handed over to the new Polish talent, Tomasz Barczykowi. His remix has a bit more dark, and in some moments even a little technical sound. Drum kicks and other rhythms along with heavy bass lines are the basis of melodic elements. Epic pads and piano riff build a breakthrough and slowly all of the lifting elements on the spirit of Trance are put into a different dimension of music.


Release: CCR060

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